Performance Videos, Fall 2009 - Winter 2010

Three John Stewart Performances: Denver, 09/2006

Recent Video Tributes - Winter And Spring, 2009

John Stewart: "Chilly Winds"

John Stewart: "Dreamers On The Rise"

John Stewart: "Heart Of A Kid"

From Japan: Kentatoatom's "Memory Of John Stewart: John And Buffy's 'Santa Barbara' "

From The UK - NEW: Helen and And Amy - "Hung On The Heart"

Side By Side: John Stewart And Roseanne Cash Consecutively - "Runaway Train"

Mother Country, 2007

I Remember America


Medley: Missouri Birds, Cowboy In The Distance, If You Should Remember Me

Gold 2001

The Clinton Campaign Video - "Survivors"

John Stewart Live In Manchester UK, 10/89: "Lost Her In The Sun" And "Queen Of Hollywood High"